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Now this here folks is where you find humanity.

Sorry, I have to share the pictures and letters

Children that have spent most or all of their existence in a camp can have so much hope, kindness and intelligence.  

this hatter my heart to pieces. hasbi allah 

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The devil
could never
love hell
the way
I love you.

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I love you
Even if you pretended to be okay
I love you
When you try your hardest to ignore what hurts you
I love you
With your fake smile and the wounds that hides under it
I love you
With every beat and every word
I love you
I could spend a lifetime saying it
I love you, I love you and I love you.


The heart will be sick and the heart will heal if it is given its cure. The heart is sick and it will remain sick until you seek measures to purify it. Purify your heart and your thoughts, your speech, your sight and your hearing will be purified along with it. Admit that your heart is covered in rust. And start purifying it.

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look pretty, play dirty 💋

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Bonjour,nous sommes Katarina et Violeta. Nous adorons la mode

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